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Why learn renewable energy technologies?

Tomorrow’s energy professionals must have skills and knowledge in the areas of renewable energy technologies.Technology sectors that are in question: Solar photovoltaic, Solar thermal, Wind energy, Hydro power, Geothermal energy, Biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel, Energy from municipal wastes, landfills and even from black liquors (paper plants).


In addition, you need to understand what are the greenhouse gases and how does it impact your climate and how does greenhouse gases impact climate change and how can you participate in mitigating climate change.

The hiring managers (for energy professionals) look for skills, education and experience. In order to prepare, what you need is to start understanding and learning these technologies at the grass-roots level that will prepare you to be part of this workforce.


Introducing Renewable Energy Online

A comprehensive elearning tool (that offers online course modules) on renewable energy technologies.

A STEM-based multimedia learning tool for students, teachers, professionals and consumers.

  • Authoritative
  • Comprehensive
  • Curriculum-type Structure
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Engaging
  • Grassroots-level
  • Hierarchical
  • Interactive
  • Modular Format
  • Progressive
  • Transparent Education
  • Up-to-date

Why us?

Many resources exist to get information online, but finding a source you can trust to be thorough, current and which covers the entire spectrum of renewable energy didn’t exist until now…

Renewable Energy Online provides high quality, interactive and comprehensive content through narrated presentations, diagrams, and animations explaining concepts from a molecular level to more complex machinery systems based on principles of biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics.

Renewable Energy Online (membership) is extremely affordable.

As a high school or college student, you have access to an entire spectrum of renewable energy course modules at your fingertips.

As a teacher or an instructor, this website offers grassroots-level renewable energy course modules you can trust to educate your students.

Our goal is to educate the next generation renewable energy professionals today.

How do you prepare?

Renewable Energy Online encourages people to become scientifically literate and to understand and overcome the challenges associated with harnessing renewable energy.

Targeted for ages 15 and up, the content of Renewable Energy Online has been developed for thorough comprehension and understanding to achieve complete learning online. The content:

  • Incorporates modular format for easy and effective learning
  • Provides detailed explanations using STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

The content is accessible via desktop, laptop (available as of now).
Suitable for widely popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Who benefits from our e-learning portal?

Self-learning and teacher-assisted learning

Supplemental resource for high school, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, company and labor-sponsored training, regional skill centers, colleges and universities. Renewable Energy Online provides teachers the best possible tool to use in the classroom.

Workforce training

Continuous improvement of your workforce leads to value-added skills and improved services and specialization.

What types of jobs?

Renewable Energy Online acts as a supplemental academic tool to motivate and prepare the students for all areas of renewable energy technologies. Types of jobs this sector offers range from system engineering, project management, performance engineering, installers and operators as well as manufacturers and assemblers.

Renewable Energy Online offers e-learning for careers of today, tomorrow and beyond.

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